About us

Make videos which won’t be scrolled away, so that every business can find its place in the digital world.

Our guiding principles are fairness, trust, respect and customer commitment. We are professionals with over 15 years of experience in media production.

Crowelt Media Founder

Cristian Ceoroiu – I founded Crowelt Media in 2017 after working for over 13 years as an employee in different media environments from TV broadcast to corporate.
The decision came naturally after realizing that I could do much more with extra freedom and flexibility.


  • 2004-2008 Studied TV & Film at “Universitatea Media” in Bucharest and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.


  • 2005-2013 TV Station
    Worked at “Antena 1” as a Director of Photography. Filmed and created light design for different TV shows, commercials, short films, music videos.

  • 2013-2016 Corporate
    Audio-Visual Media Manager at “1&1 Ionos” where I filmed, made light design, edit and held video workshops. Defined the Video Style Guide and CI with my colleagues.


  • 2017-Present
    I created my own video production company in Frankfurt am Main and I work on all kind of amazing video projects. You can see some of them in my Portfolio.

The knowledge and understanding of video creation, I accumulated over the years, allows me to have such a wide range of projects that I can work on.

Our Collaborators

Over the years, I’ve built a network of local and international specialists which are ready to share their expertise when the project requires it. 

Creating videos is rarely a one man job. Depending on the size and budget of the project, I may need script writers, producers, assistants, sound designers, 3D and CGI effect specialists, voice-over artists for different languages, brand consultants, marketing and social media experts.


Ganz herzlichen Dank für diesen wundervollen Film, den Ihr wirklich superprofessionell und mit viel Herzblut realisiert habt.
Michael Breiden​
@ Exec Software​
Ihr habt mit Witz, Charme, Herzblut und höchster Professionalität zahlreiche Emotionen und Momente eingefangen, wie es besser nicht hätte sein können.
Alexander Manns​
Inhaber @ Blum Mode
Martina und Christian ist es wunderbar gelungen, authentische Emotionen mit der Kamera einzufangen und großartige Filme für die NIMAK GmbH zu produzieren!
Kerstin Doerner
@ Nimak GmbH