Crowelt Media supports your company with tailor-made media services, video production and brings your ideas to life. We are a full-funnel media production company, with focus on video content production and media strategy. So, no matter if you need to hire a videographer for one day or a full blown video production for your corporate needs, we are here for you.

We are based in Frankfurt am Main and we can easily travel all over Germany/Europe for your video production.

Video Production | Videographer​ in Frankfurt

Video Production & Videographer

Pre-Production | Production | Cameraman | Videographer | Video Team

Different companies have different corporate video production needs. No matter how big or small your corporate video production is, we are here for you.
Our expertise of over 15 years helps us in finding the perfect visual language to reach your specific audience. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Crowelt Media uses the latest professional video equipment and Netflix approved cameras.

We also provide “work for hire” services so if you need to hire a freelance cameraman, videographer for a day to film an event, conference or interview one of your clients, you’ve come to the right place. Booking a videographer is a straightforward process to help in your video production.

Since Frankfurt am Main is a central location in Europe, we regularly have corporate video enquires and work with local or overseas production companies.
We act as an extension of their branch thus saving on the costs it would take to fly out an entire crew around the world for an interview.

Local but international, we speak English, German and Romanian at close to native level so communication will always be top notch.

Below you can see a map of some of our international clients for whom we offered video production, videographer services.

Video Production | Videographer Services for International Clients

Take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of the quality and professionalism you can expect.

Video Ads • Image Films • Recruiting Videos • Corporate Videos • How-To Videos •  Animations • Employer Brand Video

Editing, Post-Production in Frankfurt


Video Editing | Animations | Vertical Videos | Social Media Videos | Interviews | Stock footage videos

Creating content is fun and more companies are taking advantage of the power of videos. However creating video content can also be frustrating if you don’t have a specialized in-house post-production team.

Instead of having to train and manage an in-house editor, a company can simply work on the editing process with a professional editor who already has the skills and expertise to deliver high-quality results.

This can free up time and resources for the company to focus on other aspects.

Why you should work with us

We can act as your in-house post-production team, edit any kind of video footage you have, carefully add your corporate identity elements and then render the video to be used on the platform of your choice. Aspect ratio, bitrate, frame rate or other technical terms may sound complicated but we make it easy and you don’t have to worry about any of it. 

Additionally we can directly communicate with your videographer or video production company and take over the whole communication part.

As an external video editor and post-production company, we can provide a fresh perspective and bring a new level of creativity to a company’s video projects. This can help to streamline the video production process and reduce the time and cost required to produce a video.

In-house Video Production Studio

Set Design | Light Design | Camera Setup

Having an in-house video studio can help you save money in the long run in hiring a videographer. It offers you the possibility to create quality in-house videos to grow your business. Be ready in the modern digital age of video communication with livestreams, product videos, webinars, how-to videos.

We will be there to set everything up and provide you with a finished and fully functional studio.

Video Workshops

1:1 Training Program | Marketing Team Training | Filming with Smartphones

Sharing is caring – We coach you and your team on how to create and edit professional looking video content with any smartphone.
Additionally, our specialists can help you build the appropriate video marketing strategy.